Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Surgery again in 2012

So it happened 21 years ago for round 1, and today I had it done again. Septoplasty is not fun, but I needed it as my nasal septum was bugging me over the past 6 months

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aiming on getting back on this...

Ok, after much time off and much water under the bridge I am starting this up again for a few reasons which I will not go into details about yet.
I am healthy, Jennifer and Lachlan are heathly. Of course, Dot Dot is healthy. Im getting fitter each week and pushing my body harder than I have since training for the Boston marathon in 2008/9.
Working on cross-fit and strength in the weight room 4 days and week and running 30-60mins twice a week. In the cross-fit workouts I am trying to get at least one that incorporates a running portion.
We started school this week and I am quite tired. I hope that my body gets back to normal sooner rather than later.
Some pictures below of our summer St.Louis trip

Got myself a tattoo this summer!
It is straight, I'm just not standing straight.
Right shoulder higher than the left. Maybe a shorter left leg?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Off to Kansas City with the boys

Im off to Kansas City today to stay the night up there and go an NFL game (KC Chiefs V Oakland Raiders). Going with Al Cragg, Ryan Botha and meeting another mate up there. Jennifer is heading to Fort Smith with Lachlan. I will catch up with them on Saturday night. Then its Christmas Day! Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jennifer not feeling good today

Jennifer woke up feeling sick and it just never got any better. She came home early and rested. I hope she feels better tomorrow. We were planning on going to Fort Smith tomorrow, but that is not happening now. I had a big day in school today, 8:20-4:30. Non stop. Think I sat down and 'relaxed' for about 10 minutes. Other than that it was teaching, grading, and organizing the track team. Of course, I didnt get it all done and can keep working to catch up to where I want to be tomorrow. There is only 4 more days of school this semester. Yippee!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Fall pictures

Well I thought that I would add in some pictures from our beautiful Fall here in Arkansas. Lachlan is growing fast, as you can see in the pictures to the left. He had a blast looking at all the pumpkins and playing in the straw. The days started driving about 30mins and going down some very shady bumpy roads. We had a a picnic and the sun was out. Such a nice day. Michelle and Tracey came along and met us there. After a few hours in the sun, Lachie was tired and it was showing. Talk about grizzly.
All in all it was a fantastic day.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Back at school

Ok, so after a 5 day break I'm back at school. Easy few days with a guest speaker. We only have about 3 weeks left in the school year. Happy about that.
We have our Christmas tree up. Looks great and ill post a picture in the coming days.
Lachlan loves our tree. Last year he was too young to really appreciate this time of the year, but he is good to go this year.  Here is a picture of class today.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Long time since I posted so I thought id start back up again. Last year is a long time ago and I feel a million times better 365 days down the rode. Today is Thanksgiving. I give thanks to all the blessings I have had to be here today. My family, my wife, my friends, and my doctors & nurses all made it happen. I guess my belief in myself had something to do with it. Thanks to my running background for making me physically & mentally tough.
@MikeGregPower on Twitter.
@BHS_Track_XC on Twitter regarding my track team.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So much has happened since surgery

So much has happened since I wrote the last post on this blog. Crazy how time flies. My surgery went well and my scar is healing. I put Vitamin E on it every 2-3 days to ty and help the scar, but not sure it will help. Worth a try though. I have placed a few photos into this post to fill you in with the time that has past.
About 3 weeks after surgery. Lachlan and I and on a swing and my sister in law's (Tara) place. Her husband has a swing hooked up to a tree and lachie loved it. I couldn't go to high because I still hurt. The jeans were the wrong choice this day as the buckle was sticking into my midsection. Started to eat better during this time though.

On a swing down at the creek! We sometimes go to this property that borders a small creek in Missouri. They have some play equipment there which is always fun. Lately, because of all the rain and floods we have had, this has all been swept away down river. I am anxious to go back and see the damage. My assistant coach, Todd, is in the background.

Jennifer and Lachlan down at the creek.

We did the Walk For Life cancer challenge. It was down at the BHS track and Jennifer got the team all set up with head gear and bibs. It was a great night and we helped raise over $10k for cancer!

Family pic at Walk For Life.

Easter eggs didn't have a chance when Lachie was released from our grips this Easter. He was searching and found a lot. I have posted some videos on youtube. Just search under mikegregpower.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wow, what a girlie day!

So Jennifer told me the other day the she planned a few things to do today. I like that. I like doing things. Lachie was in daycare for the few hours and we could do these planned things. Firstly, massages, 1 hour. Very nice and relaxed, although both of our masseurs talked the whole hour we were getting 'treatment'. Next we moved to a very large sporting goods store called Academy Sports. It was the first time either of us had been there, so we had fun looking at all the sporting stuff. I browsed the golf, fishing and even peeked at the guns they sold. I felt bad even looking at the actually as it's not normal to see guns freely sold in big chain stores. Little did I know that this would be the last manly place we went to. I was in a girls day out without even knowing it. Jennifer did mention it on our way to the next stop, Target. Now, hang on a second. A girls day out. Me? I was losing 'man-points' rapidly. After I escaped the women's clothing section fill with bras and panties, I moved my way to the electronics section. Every man knows that this is the only manly area in target. So I joined the other men who were in Target with their wives who were lucky enough to venture out on their own. Gaining...ever so slowly, my man points back. They were about to get a serious, life jolting hit. Jennifer made a 2:30 appointment to get our nails done. Yep, said OURS! No way was I getting my fingers done, but my feet are horrible, dry and I never look after I was up for that as I was on a girlie day. I can do this for my wife. I watched Jen get it all done first. Looked good and she was relaxed. All I could think about was the scene on Dumb & Dumber. I was next and ready. The lady was an Asian, of course, as they are the best at this and was very nice. Her husband did nails, so I wasn't the only bloke in there. Well the experience was fun and my feet have never looked better. They needed it as they have been desert dry since the surgery.
I successfully passed a girlie day.
We picked Lachie up from daycare after the feet experience. He was so happy to see us as usual.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a day!

Wow, just went for a 55 minute walk and it is a day to remember. When it's this nice there is nothing more than getting outside and walking or playing with your kids.
I emailed Dr. Foster today because its been over 2 weeks since my surgery. Everything is going well and I am getting back to normal quicker than what I thought. I am limiting myself of the pain medications and just trying to stick with over the counter meds. I don't want to become dependent on the prescription ones. I feel a little numb in my right foot and I hope that Dr. Foster gets back to me on what that is. Might just go away over time... I hope so anyway.
Loving the NCAA basketball tournament on the TV these days. This is the most I have ever watched that sport. Did enjoy some soccer this morning and some World XC on the computer stream first thing.
A great day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

At home with a sick boy

At home today with Lachlan for a few hours. Lachlan is having white poop last few days, supposedly due to a virus. He's acting alright, but just white poop and tired. Weird. I'm feeling good after staples got removed yesterday by Dr. Saez. Moving a little more freely. But still have bouts of drowsiness, especially when I take the pain pills. Going to ween off of them this week.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Parents left today

After being here for the successful surgery and about a week recovery, my parents left our house this morning. We traveled to NWA airport early to get them on the plane. It was tearful and sad to see them go, but we loved every second that they were here. 
Lachlan wasn't feeling great this morning and he was cuddly as ever. Mum and Dad really saw a big difference from a year ago and Lachie will know know who they are when we talk on skype.
Mum and Dad are in Denver for a few days to relax and see another US city before flying to LAX and then back to Melbourne on Thursday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The week after surgery

A week after surgery and I am still very sore. I have enjoyed times where I don't hardly feel it (thanks largely to the Percocet I am taking ever 3-4 hrs), but there are other times that I feel so much in pain that I have to lay on the couch and just not move. Sometimes feeling cold. Yesterday my right side, leg, foot and arm felt kind of different. Slightly numb. Today it isn't so bad, but maybe after todays walk it will get some blood flow. The showering has become so much easier and I dont feel as though I need help getting up and around the house anymore. Its always nice to get though :-)
My staples were oozing yesterday quite a bit and not too sure if its because that the healing process or if its because Mum and Dad got me laughing a lot over the past few days. Laugher is the best medicine! but, whoo, does it hurt. I found a way I can hold me stomach together when I get into laughing and it doesn't hurt so much. I kind of squeeze my staples together! haha. short, temporary relief to a good joke or laughing moment.
Great to have mum and dad here, but they leave Tuesday morning out of Bentonville airport. Jen, Lachie and I will get them to their plane as they head over to Denver, CO for a few nights.
Glad they are not stopping in Hawaii this time after they might be hit by the tsunami today resulting from the japan Earthquake. I pray for everyone effected. It seems the world is not liking something happening to it.
I'm going to walk for an hour today. Its such a great day we gotta get outside and enjoy it. Ciao.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Day of surgery

I just woke up and have had my pre-operation shower. Today is the day of surgery. I leave in 35 min for the hospital via the hotel shuttle bus. I am a little nervous, but with mum, dad, and Jennifer here it sooths the nerves. No food this morning, but after the huge Mexican burrito last night I am still full. Brian, my uncle, showed us El Rodeo, an authentic Mexican place right near Indianapolis Speedway. Really was yummy.
Gotta get my bag packed for my days in the hospital. I will hopefully post something from there in a few days.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting ready for surgery

Well I have been stressed a little lately because of all the things I have had to do. With Track season is full swing that has been been demanding on me. I am trying to do my best, but things always go on and fires have to be put out. Lachlan is growing up so fast and I cannot believe that he is 13.5 months already. He will be 2 years before I know it and truly a 'big boy'. Too quick, too quick. Teaching has been crazy. You never seem to catch up with things. I come home from work and know I have plenty of work to do. Family time comes first of course, but the stress of thinking about all of that school work just drains me. My mind has been racing. The only way I can sleep any good is if I take my natural sleeping tablets. And now on top of that I have my surgery next week. I feel as though I am not prepared for it at all. Maybe thats a good thing. I wont be thinking about the surgery because I have so many other things going on. I do need to get a blood test tomorrow and the results sent up to IU. I might just get it done at Highlands. They get the results very quick and are good about faxing the results quickly. Just need the time to get my butt down there. I should have that tomorrow......then again.. who knows.
I am glad that my parents are going to be there for the surgery and afterwards. I think afterwards it is going to be really nice to have them by my side. We can go walking together which I will love and a very important part of my recovery. Total recovery should take about 3 months, but I am hoping to be at work after 4 weeks and working without any heavy lifting. My parents are here for 2 weeks.
I will be typing up posts from IU and the recovery room. It should be very exciting and I might actually get some much needed rest!